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This open house was active from March 19 - April 11, 2021. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.



We will not increase the floodplain with this project.

Light pollution

Our light standards are Dark Sky-compliant. Streetlights will be a color spectrum chosen to avoid impacts to nighttime animals. The system also enables the city to dim the lights during low-traffic hours.  


The new route creates a shorter route, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by vehicles. People living south of Main Street currently travel a further distance to reach Brookwood Parkway or Cornelius Pass Road. The Century Boulevard Extension also provides a needed connection for bicyclists between Lois and Main streets, decreasing travel time for those who walk their bikes through Noble Woods Park.  


Most bridge noise is created when a vehicle drives onto or off a bridge. We are designing the connection between the bridge structure and walls to minimize the noise. Construction noise is restricted to hours set by the city’s municipal code. Any noisy work outside of those hours will be done only with city approval and people living in the area will be notified.  


Stormwater currently drains from SE Century Boulevard directly into Rock Creak without treatment. We are rebuilding the stormwater system to direct runoff water from the road to an artificial pond for treatment before the water is released into the natural waterway.  

Tree impacts

We estimate that 47 trees will be removed for this project. The impact will be reduced by planting at least 60 trees and shrubs within the new planter strip. In addition, we are coordinating with Hillsboro Parks and Recreation to plant 43 trees along Noble Woods Park frontage

Wetlands and natural resources 

We are working with Clean Water Services and the city of Hillsboro to minimize the impacts to wetlands and other natural resources. We will reduce and mitigate impacts according to state and local requirements. This could include rehabilitating existing wetlands and/or creating new wetlands within the project area.